Testimony of the Moon


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Testimony of the Moon (8 MB)

Chapter 1: The Law of YHWH is Perfect
Chapter 2: Faith Takes Flight
Chapter 3: The Power in Beholding His Glory
Chapter 4: The Lesson of the Broken Wall
Chapter 5: Rebuilding the Wall in Our Hearts
Chapter 6: Why Did God Make the Moon?
Chapter 7: Christ the Example to the Christian
Chapter 8: Holy Days in the Early Christian Church
Chapter 9: The First Mo'ed: The Seventh Day
Chapter 10: Was Passover Staked to the Tree?
Chapter 11: The Storm of the Century!
Chapter 12: Three Angelic Messages and a Fourth
Chapter 13: The Glorious Light of the Fourth Angel
Chapter 14: Lift Up the Trumpet
Chapter 15: The Last Clarion Call of Salvation
Chapter 16: Wonderful Atonement!
Chapter 17: Decoding the Final Prophetic Timeline
Chapter 18: The Seal, the Sealing and the Sealed
Chapter 19: Five End-time Lessons in the Sky
Chapter 20: Counting Down to Eternity - Part I
Chapter 21: Counting Down to Eternity - Part II
Chapter 22: Rehearsing the Last Great Day
Chapter 23: The Attack of the "Little" Big Horn
Chapter 24: The Rise of the Beast
Chapter 25: Rape of the Remnant
Chapter 26: The Days of the Dragon
Chapter 27: Sabbath Keepers Through the Ages
Chapter 28: The Testimony of the Moon