From the Dragon's Belly (book)

by Shauna Manfredine

From the Dragon's Belly book

What do you think of, when you hear the word "WITCHCRAFT?" Tarot cards? Ouija boards? Chicken bones?

Witchcraft is more than the obvious. Today, witchcraft has a deceptive NEW FACE. It has been REPACKAGED and CHRISTIANIZED! This new form of witchcraft is more dangerous.

Witches and practitioners of the craft are trained to infiltrate the Body of Christ. They look and act like sincere Christians. They gain your trust... Satan uses these wolves in sheep's clothing to destroy spiritual leaders and wreck Christian homes... And to ultimately change God's - to worship the Beast.

Elements of witchcraft are being taught in Churches... Disguised in the form of having a REAL experience with YHWH, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and in an enriched prayer life!

Would you recognize the new Christianized Witchcraft, if it were infiltrating your Church and home? You need to know it, for ignorance gives the devil the advantage (2 Corinthians 2:11). This book, with stories, Scriptures and vital teachings offers valuable spiritual warfare information, which every follower of Messiah should know.


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From the Dragon's Belly DVD's (8 DVD in the Set)

by Shauna Manfredine

From the Dragon's Belly

This powerful DVD series was given by Shauna Manfredine in late October of 2013. This series goes in-depth into the subject matter of the book From the Dragon's Belly.

Titles in this DVD Series Include:

DVD #1: Unexpected Weapons (the power of soul-ties)
DVD #2: The Reaping Principle (the blessings or curses from our choices)
DVD #3: The Character Connection to Schizophrenia and Mental Illness (how we think and feel effects our mental health)
DVD #4: The Truth about Energies (demonic dangers exposed)
DVD #5: Sensuality vs. Faith (the essence of witchcraft exposed)
DVD #6: Exposing Christianized Witchcraft (recognizing the elements of witchcraft is key in being protected from wolves in sheep's clothing)
DVD #7: More than Meets the Eye (the 6th sense or the Holy Spirit)
DVD #8: Lions & Dragons (keep from being devoured by discerning the fruit)

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