The Lighted Way
Behind The Mystery of Death

What does the Bible say happens when we die? Many people wonder about life after death... a white light... The Bible does not leave us in the dark on such a big issue as this one. It clearly tells us what happens when we die. Do YOU know what the Bible says about death? You may find the answer surprising. These Bible studies will cover EVERY text on the subject of immortality and death.

Find the answer: God has clearly told us what happens when we die. So don't assume anything... Let the Bible speak for itself.

Bible Studies Explaining Commonly Misunderstood Texts:
Key 1: An "Immortal" Issue

Key 2: Mortal Meaning

Key 3: Satan's First Lie

Key 4: The "Sleep" of Death

Key 5: God's Wake-up Call

Key 6: The Sleepwalkers?

Key 7: What Is a "Soul"?

Key 8: What Is a "Spirit"?

Key 9: Apostle Paul vs. Plato

Key 10: The Price of Sin

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