About Us

This website is run by Lighted Way Ministries. We are a non-profit ministry founded for the purpose of spreading the Fourth Angel's Message (which is the embodiment of the Everlasting Gospel of Revelation and the Elijah Message of Malachi 4).

Our ministry prayerfully works to help people find victory in Yahshua, while restoring the trampled Law (Torah) to it's rightful place in the lives and homes of YHWH's loyal people.

Lighted Way Ministries, which was founded as a formal non-profit ministry in the spring of 2007, has gone through several phases before becoming a full-time ministry. Back in the 1990's, Shauna Manfredine (co-founder with Mark Manfredine of Lighted Way Ministries) started this website as a means of personal ministry. The original website offered books and materials, which were shipped all over the world, at no charge to the requester. Several supporters of this project would come together for "shipping bees" to prepare the materials for shipment. In it's inception, this website also offered Bible studies for people to complete online.

In the next phase of growth, the book Testimony of the Moon was written. Shauna Manfredine completed this book in 2005. The book was quickly put up on this website for visitors to read or download for free. Within months of adding this book, Danette Davis's book Statutes for the Remnant was added to the website as well.

Lighted Way Ministries became a full-time, non-profit ministry at the time of hosting our first bi-annual retreat. In the spring of 2007, we hosted our first-ever Passover/Unleavened Bread campmeeting. This first retreat was held in Winston, Oregon. From that point, we knew YHWH was calling us to host retreats at the times of the annual Sabbaths.

Today, Lighted Way Ministries remains committed to serving our Heavenly Father and furthering the spread of vital, end-time truth. To that end, we offer seminars, retreats and workshops. We believe YHWH is preparing a people who will radiate His Heavenly Light over this sin-darkened world. All are called to study the Word of YHWH. All are called to know and live-by the Word that is the Lamp unto our feet and the Light upon our path. May YHWH bless you with ever-increasing light.