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The password for our Webinars is "Sabbath" (case-sensitive, no quotation marks):

Note: You may only join a Lighted Way Webinar at the scheduled Webinar times.

Many across the U.S. and Canada have expressed sadness at having no church group to fellowship and study with on Sabbaths. To address this growing need, we are providing a full Sabbath-school, and church service-style program. Please note, at this time our Webinars are limited to 25 households joining via Computer/Internet (unlimited via telephone). Internet Webinar sessions will be on a first-come-first-served basis. If you cannot join via computer, the Webinar is likely full. But, you can still join via the telephone (see the phone number and access code below). We hope YOU can join us for these exciting Webinar services! The typical Webinar Program is as follows:

2 PM to 6 PM (PST) Webinar Session:

  • Welcome and Announcements

  • Song Service (the words will appear on your computer screen if you join via webinar)

  • Prayer (chat in your prayer requests)

  • Lessons in the Hebrew Aleph Beth

  • World Watch


  • Children's Story

  • Scripture Reading

  • Sermon

  • Benediction

  • Now you can join us via Internet (Webinar) or via telephone (for the price of a long-distance phone call) for Sabbath Services! At this point, we will offer this service every other Sabbath. But, eventually, we expect we will offer Sabbath services every Sabbath. Please check here to keep up-to-date on the scheduled programming, times, and access information.


    Webinars are broadcast every-other Sabbath and on Feasts. Please contact us for a current Webinar Schedule.


    During Scheduled Webinar times, you may. CLICK HERE to join us. The Webinar Access PASSWORD is: Sabbath (case sensitive)

    Please check here for updates on each scheduled Webinar session, as the links and information may change. We will always have instructions for accessing the Lighted Way Webinar broadcast posted here before the Webinar session. These sessions will be interactive. We will be able to hear you, and you will be able to hear us. (Provided you have a microphone and speaker system on your computer, or join via telephone). You will be able to see us (via video cameras) and all Powerpoint presentations will appear on your computer screen (at the appropriate time). The view of what you see will be controlled by Mark Manfredine, who will be operating the cameras and video switcher behind the scenes. So all you have to do, is sit back, and "enjoy the ride" so to speak. You will not have to advance slides or try to keep up with us. All this will be done for you (by Mark) automatically, once you join the Webinar.

    Using a high-speed Internect connection will work best. Dial up connections will probably experience lag time.

    You will be able to hear and speak to us through your computer's speaker/microphone system. You may also join us by phone. The telephone number will be different than it has been, as it will be generated by Webex, our Webinar provider. The telephone numbers and access code information are provided below.


    At the time of the scheduled Webinar, dial the following phone number (using speaker phone is recommended as it's easier on the ears.):

    Canada or United States: 1-408-600-3600. Please note that the MEETING ACCESS CODE CHANGES EVERY MEETING. We are sorry for this inconvenience. To get the webinar access code, it is best to call us at (541) 672-1514.