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News Magazine Archive

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    Lighted Way Ministries' News Magazine 2016

    News Magazine Issue 4 Cover

    October-December, 2016 Issue #4

    Feature Article: "Rising Beast: the Assyrian Connection" - Discover the prophecies which point to the final Beast being an Assyrian - found in Micah, Ezekiel, and Daniel... Learn the Riddle of the Beast... and more...
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    News Magazine Issue 3 Cover

    July-September, 2016 Issue #3

    Feature Article: "Sabbatical Years and the Last Jubilee" - Using the year of the Crucifixion, it is possible to calculate the Jubilee cycle. Discover how the next Jubilee is the Big One - and when it will be... and more...
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    News Magazine Issue 2 Cover

    April-June, 2016 Issue #2

    Feature Article: "Jerusalem's Ultimate Temple Deception" - Discover the connection between the soon-coming Temple in Jerusalem and the ultimate Abomination of Desolation... and more...
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    News Magazine Issue 1 Cover

    January-March, 2016 Issue #1

    Feature Articles: Ancient Khazaria & the Synagogue of Satan, Mission Report: Taking Passover Down Under, Focus on the Torah: Blessings in Keeping the Torah, Devotional: The Meaning of Worship
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    More coming...