How to Make Your Personal Bible Promise Binder

3 Ring Binder

Throughout this year of Bible reading, we plan to color-code and mark our Bibles and record the Bible promises we find in the daily reading into personal Bible Promise Binders.

Purchase a 3-ring binder that is 2 inches wide. If you wish to personalize your Bible Promise binder, by adding your own cover, choose the clear plastic cover option with slip covers both on the front and the back as pictured here.

Purchase one set of 10-tab dividers (you will need one tab divider per suggested Promise Category - see the Suggested Promise categories below).

Next, purchase Premium Heavyweight Sheet Protectors to keep your completed Bible Promise study Worksheets.

Then, purchase Scrapbook stickers and 3 Scrapbook paper sheets (one for the front and one for the back, and another for the binder spine). We chose to get stickers to go with our cover theme text (2 Peter 1:4).

Finally, as you read the daily Bible reading (see the Current Bible Reading links in the grey box on the upper left), identify the promises which fit into the categories in your binder. Then write (we recommend writing the promises on beautiful lined paper or stationery) the promise and put it into your binder (in a plastic slip cover) in the appropriate section in your binder. Consider the following Suggested Promise Categories to put on your binder section divider tabs:

Suggested Promise Categories


The colors of the headings below show the suggested color code system. If desired, underline each Bible verse (from your daily reading) which will appear in the following section categories in your binder. In other words, if you read a verse about YHWH's protection, underline it in your Bible in blue, as that is the color code associated with YHWH's Protection. After the verse is underlined in your color code (you may make up your own color code, of course), print the verse and place it in your Promise Binder under the appropriate section. We recommend doing the Bible underlining with Crayola Twistables (as shown on the left). A pack of 12 colors (as shown) will suffice for these suggested promise categories.

  • YHWH'S PROTECTION (This section would include Bible promises about how YHWH will protect you)
  • MARRIAGE (This section would include Bible promises and guidelines for godly marriage)
  • CHILDREN (This section would include Bible promises and guidelines for godly child-rearing)
  • WISDOM (This section would include Bible keys and insights to develop and live in wisdom)
  • FAITH (Faith is YHWH's Love Language. This section would include Bible promises or statements which strengthen and build your faith)
  • PRIESTHOOD (We are all called to be priests and kings. This section would include promises and instructions to help you carry out your godly role as a priest in His Service).
  • SPIRITUAL WARFARE (This section would include Bible promises and instructions for Warfare against the Enemy)
  • PRAYER (This section would include Bible verses on things to pray for - so you can pray in confidence according to YHWH's Will.)
  • SALVATION (This section would include Bible promises of YHWH's forgiveness and salvation)
  • YOUR CHOICE (What do you need to know from YHWH, personally? Choose a category that will be most meaningful to you and will best meet your personal needs.)