The Sabbath More Fully

Are followers of Yahshua supposed to be keeping the annual Sabbaths (feasts)? Or is that a "Jewish" thing?

The following Bible study lessons delve into defining YHWH's Law and showing the role of the Sabbaths in a post-Calvary world. Please note that these studies are also available on DVD. The DVD series titled The Sabbath More Fully is a 10-DVD set, including the following studies. We also offer an 8-DVD set called Sabbath through the Ages. If you would like to receive the full set of studies, please visit our bookstore online.

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Daniel's Timelines for the End Times

Did you know that the prophet Daniel foretold a terrible conflict would take place in the Middle East at the End of Time? READ ABOUT IT

Daniel's prophetic timelines have certainly seen an application in the past, but the most important fulfillment of all is the soon-coming last-day fulfillment! to understand how they will play out in the end of time.


Daniel's Timelines Chart

As a study aid, the final prophetic timelines of Daniel and the Key World Events they foretell are laid out on a TIMELINE CHART. Please note that this is a very large file. The chart and DVD series called Daniel's Timelines for the End Times are also available in our bookstore.