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Why Does A Loving God Allow Suffering?
This heavy question is answered in two parts. First, we address the issue of dominions, second we deal with God's love...
Can A Human Being Live Without Sin?
Yet another "hot potato" - this answer deals with perfection. It also gets down to the root issue: "Can YOU live without sinning?"
Genesis vs. Science
This deals with the age-old issue of Creation Vs. Evolution. Is the Bible accurate? Or is it just a Spiritual guide.
What About Abuse?
What is God's plan for marriage when abuse is present? In this context, does God want us to stay together "til death do us part?"
Is the Gift of Prophecy Alive Today?
This answer addresses whether or not the prophetic gift is a thing of the past... or is it still being given by God, in our modern world...
Is the ENTIRE Bible Inspired?
What does Scripture have to say about Itself? How can we know which portions - or if all - of the Bible are God's inspired Word... What about "contradictions"?
What About the Homosexuality "Hot Potato"?
Can God's Word really be right - what about homosexuality?
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