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How to Make Your Own Personal Torah Binder

3 Ring Binder

We are instructed to meditate on YHWH's Law day and night... Here's one way to do it...

Purchase a 3-ring binder that is 3 inches wide. If you wish to personalize your Torah binder, by adding your own cover, choose the clear plastic cover option with slip covers both on the front and the back as pictured here.

Purchase one set of 10-tab dividers (you will need one tab divider per Commandment from YHWH's Law).

Next, purchase 4 boxes (250 count in each box) of Premium Heavyweight Sheet Protectors.

Then, purchase Scrapbook stickers and 3 Scrapbook paper sheets (one for the front and one for the back, and another for the binder spine). We chose to get stickers with a tree/leaf theme, because our cover Bible verse talks about people who meditate upon YHWH's Law being like a well-watered tree (Psalm 1:1-3).

Finally, insert your Torah Worksheets into the protectors and place them in the divider section behind the Commandment to which each statute relates. To help with this process, the following is the Table of Contents for the Torah Binder (this will grow as you add statute sections throughout the year). Place your completed Commandment and Statute sheets in the order given below (for convenience, this week's statutes are shown in bold):

First Five Commandments

Last Five Commandments